Tensar InterAx™ Geogrids

tensar geogrid - Tensar InterAx Geogrids

The InterAx™ Tensar geogrid provides greater value vs. TriAx® geogrid and other available technologies.

Tensar’s InterAx™ Geogrids stand out as an innovative solution that surpasses traditional alternatives like the TriAx® Geogrid. These geogrids offer unmatched value, outperforming competitors while delivering superior results across a wide spectrum of aggregate types and gradations. Their versatility empowers you with greater flexibility in choosing aggregates, ensuring optimal performance in a variety of applications.

InterAx Geogrids not only enhance structural stability but also streamline construction processes, reducing overall project costs. With Tensar’s InterAx technology, you can trust in a geogrid solution that redefines industry standards, unlocking new possibilities for infrastructure and engineering projects.


InterAx™ Tensar geogrid combines coextrusion and advanced material science with an optimized geometry to dramatically improve soil interaction and trafficking performance.


Most advanced geosynthetic made for trafficked surfaces and foundations


Optimized geometry for maximum confinement of granular fill, creating the most efficient stabilized layer


Advanced material science to improve compaction and restrict movement over time, retaining the stiffness long term and further enhancing performance


Results in a more resilient solution that will withstand severe weather events, the increasing impact of climate change, and other challenging environmental conditions

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