Mirafi® MPM

Paving Mats Constructed of High Strength Glass Filaments Bonded with Polyester Fabric

Mirafi® MPM paving mats are constructed of high strength glass filaments bonded to a polyester fabric. Mirafi® MPM was especially developed for the rehabilitation of asphalt roads.

Key Features

Mirafi® MPM paving mat is a pavement interlayer designed to create a moisture barrier, retard reflective cracking and stand up to high-temperature hot-mix designs. At the end of the pavements life, it’s millable and recyclable. Mirafi® MPM Paving Mat will extend the life and performance of your pavement rehabilitation investment. Mirafi® MPM Paving Mat’s unique fiberglass construction provides high tensile strengths at low strains. This increases the pavement life by delaying reflective cracking and lowering long term maintenance costs. Highway, parking lot, runway or driveway – Mirafi® MPM paving mat is designed to preserve and extend the life of any hot-mix asphalt concrete overlay.

Key benefits of Mirafi® MPM Paving Mat:


Millable and Recyclable:

Mirafi® MPM will breakdown under milling operations due to the unique use of fiberglass and polyester fibers: it is perfect for use in recycled asphalt paving mixes for sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of producing virgin asphalt paving mixes and conventional pavement removal techniques.

Fatigue Resistance:

Improves fatigue resistance in flexible pavements.

Cost Efficient:

Helps to reduce the long-term maintenance and rehabilitation costs associated with pavements.


Withstands the higher temperatures of today’s hot mix asphalt paving mixes.


Stress Relief

The stress reduction from a geosynthetic while the system is in a state of constant deformation or load.


The use of a coating to create an impervious surface.

Adhesive Bonding

Adhering two different surfaces or materials using an adhesive substrate.