Mirafi® MTK

A self-adhering waterproofing membrane made of rubber, asphalt, and durable polypropylene

Mirafi® MTK self-adhering waterproofing membrane is made of rubber, asphalt, and durable polypropylene non-woven reinforcing fabrics that serve as a moisture barrier that resists water permeation or penetration. Its primary use is for asphalt overlay. Mirafi® MTK waterproofing membrane provides long-term reinforcement that extends pavement life.

Key Features

TenCate develops and produces materials that function to increase performance, reduce costs and deliver measurable results by working with our customers to provide advanced solutions.

Mirafi® MTK paving fabric adds durability and extends the life cycle of a pavement system by reducing water percolation and moisture penetration throughout the pavement system into the sub-base. They also provide excellent stressrelief (reflective crack reduction) for moderate to severe pavement cracks and joints.

The Difference Mirafi® MTK Paving Fabric Makes:


Moisture Intrusion:

Prevents surface moisture intrusion.

Cost Efficient:

Easy and inexpensive to install.

Structural Decay:

Reduces structural decay of pavement.

Traffic Disruption:

Reduces traffic disruption.


Sticks readily to concrete, asphalt or wood decks.


Can be installed in a wide range of temperatures.

Reflective Cracking:

Minimizes reflective cracking by bridging transverse and longitudinal cracks. Minimizes reflective cracking between dissimilar surfaces. Stretches to span cracks without breaking.


Stress Relief

The stress reduction from a geosynthetic while the system is in a state of constant deformation or load.


The use of a coating to create an impervious surface.

Adhesive Bonding

Adhering two different surfaces or materials using an adhesive substrate.