Mirafi® CR-Series

Pond Capping High-performance Series

TenCate specifically developed the Mirafi ® CR-Series of high-performance products for the pond capping market. These thoroughly engineered products allow clay or geomembrane installation, as well as construction access roads over ponds, without the need for conventional, costly and time-consuming techniques.

Key Features

TenCate develops and produces materials that deliver increased performance, reduce costs and measurable results to provide advanced solutions utilizing patent pending Mirafi® geosynthetics that make a difference. The Difference Mirafi® CCR Woven Integrated* Geosynthetics Make:


Engineered seams allow for efficient installation of large geotextile panels with extremely high seam strengths to create a stable capping system.


Quickly and safely facilitates the complete closure of storage basins and ponds.


Allows water to pass through to relieve pore pressure.


Contains fine-grained sludge material, and separates sludge from clean fill above.


Mirafi® CR220

Mirafi ® CR220 is a light-duty reinforcement geosynthetic designed for surface impoundments with a firm crust, but soft, saturated soils below.

Mirafi® CR330

Mirafi® CR330 is a unique product with balanced strength developed specifically for the coal ash market. Due to its evenly distributed stability, placement of fill becomes less relevant – making it simpler for the contractor. This is our most versatile reinforcement capping system.

Mirafi® CR440

Mirafi® CR440 is our strongest capping reinforcement product yet – making it the recommended choice for extremely soft or saturated soils.



The ability of a geosynthetic to restrain lateral movement from a soil or aggregate through friction or mechanical interlock.


The equilibrium soil-to-geotextile system that allows for adequate movement of a liquid across the plane of the geotextile with limited soil loss over the service lifetime of the application.


The placement of a flexible, porous geotextile between dissimilar materials so that the integrity and intended functions of both materials remain intact or are improved.


The synergistic improvement of a total system’s strength created by the introduction of a reinforcing geosynthetic (that is good in tension) into a soil and/or aggregate system (that is good in compression but poor in tension).