GeoWeb Geocells for Soil Stabilization


Soil Stabilization Products

The GEOWEB® system is the world’s original and most complete geocell. The GEOWEB system is recognized for innovation, high quality and long-term performance. Sustainable soil stabilization solutions in the following applications:

Sustainable soil stabilization solutions in a wide range of applications including Slope Erosion Control, Channel Protection, Load Support and Vegetated Retaining Walls.

Key Applications

Load Support

The GEOWEB system reduces the cross-section 50% or more for road base stabilization, and is an economical solution for building roads and pavements with less costly, on-site infill.

Slope & Shoreline Protection

The GEOWEB® system solves slope stability challenges of embankments prone to erosion and sliding forces. The system protects the upper topsoil layer for sustainable vegetation, aggregate for permeable slopes and concrete for hard-armored slopes.

Channel Protection

The GEOWEB® system stabilizes and protects channels exposed to erosive conditions of all types. With appropriate infill, GEOWEB channels can be designed to withstand a variety of channels, from low flow, intermittent channels to high velocity, hard-armored channels.

Vegetated Retaining Walls

GEOWEB® tiered wall structures are designed with an open facia for vegetative growth and natural aesthetics. GEOWEB retaining walls are structurally-sound and perform well with differential settlement in soft-soil environments.

Scour Protection / Transition Mats

GEORUNNER® mats protect culvert outflows and embankments from scour and erosion at less cost then competing systems. A flexible, open design conforms to irregular ground contours, eliminating voids under the mats and promotes maximum vegetation density. Fully-integrated system is secured side-to-side, and end-to-end.