GeoTerra Construction Mats


Construction Mats

GEOTERRA construction mats are extremely strong, yet light-weight and more economical than timber or heavier HDPE mats. They don’t require heavy handling equipment, so they’re easier to handle and safer. With a high flexural strength, GEOTERRA mats perform well in soft soils and are equivalent to 12 inches of aggregate!

Key Applications


GeoTerra® GTO | Bolt Connection

GEOTERRA GTO construction mats with bolt connection offer the quickest installation without heavy equipment. Their strong, light-weight and open-grid design is ideally suited for many construction applications including site access, platforms and construction pads.

GEOTERRA® | Padloc® Connection

GEOTERRA construction mats with the Padloc® connection device allows “locking” units together to fit any site layout, and ability to preassemble for easy transport and deployment even to remote sites.


GEORUNNER mats are light weight mats for protecting turf from concentrated pedestrian traffic or light-weight construction vehicles and equipment. They also provide scour protection and erosion protection in transition and water flow areas such as culvert outflows and drainage ditches.

Scour Protection / Transition Mats

GEORUNNER® mats protect culvert outflows and embankments from scour and erosion at less cost then competing systems. A flexible, open design conforms to irregular ground contours, eliminating voids under the mats and promotes maximum vegetation density. Fully-integrated system is secured side-to-side, and end-to-end.