Fiber Rolls

Earthsavers® Wattles are machine produced with certified noxious rice or wheat straw filled tubes compacted in a continuous photodegradable netting or burlap tubing material creating consistent densely filled pre-manufactured fiber rolls.

Standard size is 8″ diameter x 25′ length.

Meets or exceeds DOT/Caltrans Specifications


Often the “first line” of defense” for erosion control, we stock many different varieties of silt fence. Silt fence systems are available to you mounted on hardwood posts, or if you desire, fabric only.

ESA Fence

Superior quality construction fence used in and around jobsites to delineate work zones. It is also an accepted product to visibly mark boundaries adjacent to environmentally protected areas.

Fabric Staples and Pins

Made of the finest steel wire and available in all lengths and gauge sizes, including the difficult to locate “pin and washer” application system that is often specified in steep slope applications.

In addition to our Fiber Rolls, EarthSavers® offers a comprehensive range of erosion control products. Our Silt-Fence options serve as the first line of defense, available with hardwood posts or as fabric only. For construction sites requiring clear delineation, our ESA Fence provides superior quality and visibility, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Moreover, our Fabric Staples and Pins, crafted from premium steel wire, cater to various needs, including the specialized “pin and washer” system crucial for steep slope applications. Choose EarthSaver for eco-friendly solutions that prioritize sustainability and performance.

Find all your EarthSaver erosion control essentials at Triumph Geo Synthetics. From Fiber Rolls to Silt-Fence and more, we have the products you need for sustainable soil management.