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Corrugated Steel Pipe

Corrugated steel pipe is available in many sizes, shapes, gages, coatings and material options to meet your project design requirements.


& Accessories – Solid, Slotted, Coated, Polycoated – All sizes available

Corrugated metal pipe is used extensively in flood control, drainage and sewer systems because of its economic value, strength and durability. The pipe is usually fabricated in 20-foot sections; however, sections in other lengths are available.

The available diameters range from 6 inches to 96 inches and the available wall thicknesses are .064 inches (16 gage), .079 inches (14 gage), .109 inches (12 gage), .138 inches (10 gage), and .168 inches (8 gage). The pitch of the corrugation is two and two-thirds inches and the depth is one-half inch. For 6-, 8-, and 10-inch pipe the pitch is one and one-half inches and the depth is one-fourth inch. (See detail on this page for definitions of pitch and depth.)