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Mirafi® H2Ri

Wicking Capable Woven Geotextile

Mirafi® H2Ri woven geotextile is a revolutionary Wicking Capable product for base course reinforcement and subgrade stabilization of Transportation, Site Development and Energy Infrastructure projects such as roads, railways, and airports.

Key Features

TenCate develops and produces materials that deliver increased performance, reduce costs and measurable results to provide advanced solutions utilizing Mirafi ® H2Ri geosynthetics that make a difference. The Difference Mirafi ® H2Ri -Series Woven Geosynthetics Make:

Wicking Capability:

Special hydrophilic and hygroscopic 4DGTM Fibers that provides wicking action through the plane of the geosynthetic.

Reinforcement Strength:

Higher tensile modulus properties than the leading stabilization products.

Separation and Filtration:

Unique double layer construction provides an excellent separation factor with superior filtration and drainage. Uniform openings provide consistent filtration and flow characteristics of a fine to coarse sand layer.

Soil and Base Course Interaction:

Excellent soil and base course confinement resulting in greater load distribution.


Robust damage resistance for moderate to severe stress installations.

Roll Sizes:

Mirafi ® H2Ri -Series geosynthetics come in several roll sizes to fit project requirements.


Panels can be sewn together in the factory or field, providing cross-roll direction strength to facilitate installation.



The equilibrium soil-to-geotextile system that allows for adequate movement of a liquid across the plane of the geotextile over the service lifetime of the application.


The equilibrium soil-to-geotextile system that allows for adequate movement of a liquid across the plane of the geotextile with limited soil loss over the service lifetime of the application.


The placement of a flexible, porous geotextile between dissimilar materials so that the integrity and intended functions of both materials remain intact or are improved.


The ability to move a liquid through soil-geotextile system by capillary action, neither relying on gravity nor a positive hydraulic gradient.


The synergistic improvement of a total system’s strength created by the introduction of a reinforcing geosynthetic (that is good in tension) into a soil and/or aggregate system (that is good in compression but poor in tension).


The ability of a geosynthetic to restrain lateral movement from a soil or aggregate through friction or mechanical interlock.