Stormwater management is essential for ensuring water quality and protecting natural waterways. Heavy rain causes runoff, which can carry pollutants into rivers, streams, lakes, or wetlands impacting the environment around us. By infiltrating moisture back into the soil instead of allowing it to leave as surface runoff we can help reduce this negative impact on our waters and take a step toward better preserving them for future generations.

Benefits of Stormwater Management

In many cities, traditional stormwater design isn’t able to keep pace with the effects of human development. Pavement and roofs prevent natural water absorption into soil leading quickly to flooding, erosion, and turbidity in nearby areas – all resulting from rain or melting snow runoff. But thanks to green infrastructure technologies like bioretention systems that mimic a watershed’s pre-development hydrology by capturing rainfall onsite for reuse later down the line; urbanites can have their city life without devastating impacts on our environment.

To keep our environment clean, stormwater management utilizes a variety of techniques. For example, pervious surfaces can absorb rainfall and snowmelt into the soil to eliminate runoff pollution. Gray infrastructure like culverts and gutters help direct water flow away from buildings, while Blue/Green initiatives protect waterways by restoring or replicating natural systems. Together these strategies are essential for preserving a healthy ecosystem!


Successful implementation and management of a stormwater program demand a clear understanding of the NPDES permit requirements and solid teamwork between staff and consultants/contractors. EEC stands poised to support any city or industrial facility with their stormwater compliance needs, having supported other cities and industrial facilities with the development and implementation of their stormwater/NPDES programs, as well as having developed multiple LIPs.

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