Soil erosion is tough to deal with on your commercial property. It takes a ton of labor to correct, can need expensive attention, and doesn’t resolve simply very often. Preventing erosion can save you a ton of money in the long haul.


Simply put, soil erosion is the movement and damage of soil due to conditions, environment, or other factors. This is caused by the deterioration of soil and how the elements affect your soil surfaces.


What Causes Soil Erosion?

Usually, these issues are rooted in water or wind detaching soil particles, which then can force deterioration in the soil. As the soil deteriorates, you start to have more uneven and less reliable ground. This impacts the foundation of your property and plant growth, and can lead to a major decline in natural resources. Less nutritious soil puts your property at risk of having significantly less production, unhealthier plants, and poorer curb value.

Additionally, as your property’s soil becomes less reliable,


Water Erosion vs Wind Erosion

Both will take a toll on your property, but water erosion is far more damaging in most cases. This is often due to the moisture that builds up and the amount of damage that water can cause. Adding resistant forces for both is simple. First, be mindful of how water has been impacting the soil currently. If you’re running into patches that look as though they have been overwatered, they probably have excess runoff from the rain or other factors. Be mindful of this moving forward, and water erosion shouldn’t be much of an issue if you’re able to redirect that excess water flow.

Next, the wind just needs some sort of protective barrier. Whether this is a thin wall or resistance beams, debris and other forces will impair the soil’s health. Keep wind and other forces at bay with minor barriers added.


Avoiding Erosion to Your Soil


Strong Surface Covers

Surface covers keep your soil from eroding more quickly. Also, this minorly supplements your soil productivity and avoids diminishing the health of the soil. With this added protection, soil can be maintained more effectively to prepare for a new crop year or grow plants effectively on your property in the future.

Soil Water

Your water source for the soil in the ground on your property needs to be properly balanced. With overwatering, excess runoff, and other damaging factors, you’re going to see your soil start to wane and erode easily. Take this into account with your current maintenance practices as well.

Should you not have a ton of time devoted currently to maintain your soil’s proper nutrients, it’s going to be harder for it to stay healthy on its own. This is especially true in harsher climates.


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