Soil stabilization is tough to get right when you’re expanding your property. Fortunately, we have reliable solutions to ensure that your property has the perfect soil products to get your job done on time.


How Does Soil Stabilization Work?


Overall, it’s a lot simpler than it sounds. Stabilization is the process of altering a soil’s physical properties to increase its strength over the long term. Soil stabilization is completed by raising the soil’s shear strength and bearing capacity. Following stabilization, a solid monolith is produced, decreasing permeability and, by extension, the possibility for shrinkage/expansion and the detrimental impacts of freezing cycles. This provides a safe and sound surface that you can use. Without these added processes, your surface will never be fully safe.


Why is Soil Stabilization so Important?


Firm Foundation

Without it, your foundation of landscaping will never be secure. Any major storm or overly inclement weather will put you at risk. Additionally, you have to consider how your property would react to everyday weather. This includes excess rain, dry spells, and other everyday weather.


Applicable to a Variety of Surfaces

With all the surfaces you can apply these to, you’re at a massive advantage. These solutions make your construction process simpler, easier, and a lot less stressful. You won’t have to worry about any soil collapsing beneath, and you get the added versatility of working on highways, runways, parking lots, or construction sites.


How Does the Soil Stabilization Process Begin?


After thorough lab preparation and testing, you’re able to determine what chemical modifiers are necessary in order to achieve permanent stabilization. Permanent stabilization is what gives this process such a durable, weather-resistant effect.

Now, there are some products that need to a grace period in order to finish setting properly. But once the soil has been fully mixed, it can be compacted, graded, and rolled to a smooth finish to prepare it for further building. The completed work may take the form of a highway, runway, parking lot, or construction site.

Chemicals are used in stabilization processes to enhance your soil’s inherent qualities, making for a more favorable engineering canvas on which to build. In soils with even a small percentage of clay, the addition of lime raises the pH and makes the silica and alumina in the soil more easily soluble. This creates quicker solutions for you.

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