Think you have poor property drainage? Okay, so water is probably pooling up on your lawn instead of going down to the gutter. It’s a common problem that starts with a few puddles or damp places in your lawn and can quickly turn into a massive, expensive project. It’s possible you’ve seen some swampy or muddy spots appearing in your yard. These are classic indications that the soil in your yard is retaining too much water. Why is this the case?


Your yard isn’t draining properly. Effective drainage will be the biggest factor in keeping your foundation sturdy, your yard healthy, and avoiding expensive water damage. Before you jump to conclusions though, check around your property. Are fluids being drained properly elsewhere? How is your current drainage affecting the growth of plants/landscaping?


Drainage Damage Causes

Isolated Draining Issue

Fortunately, there’s usually a reasonable explanation for these minor issues. If you’re lucky, either some kind of blockage under the house or your system isn’t being given enough room to drain. However, this isn’t always the case.



Overwatering could also be the present issue, but again, this is uncommon. Unless you are dramatically overwatering your property, you wouldn’t spot this drainage issue so quickly. Of course, this can contribute, but it will rarely be the determining factor.


Heavy Slopes


Slopes will lead to the flat portions of your property collecting excess water, as it all diverts to one spot. Unless you want to dramatically change your landscaping, the slopes are going to have to be worked around.



Erosion will occur all through the year. In most cases, the majority of your erosion will occur in the colder times of the year when it’s wetter and you see more rain. Although, you want to be on the lookout for this as much as possible.


How do I fix these issues?


Now of course, you can fix some of these on your own. DIY solutions are available for most landscaping issues, they just take a ton of work.


For example, a creek bed is a great way to resolve some of your drainage issues. You dan dig up a portion of your property and start reducing the overflow of water runoff. However, the amount of labor that’s going to take? Give me a break.


A great route to get your property drainage issues handled promptly and professionally is through our drainage products. Give us a call today to learn more, we’re looking forward to getting in touch about our drainage products!