These difficult to locate materials are easily attainable through Triumph GeoSynthetics. Please contact us for additional information on your specialty product requirements.

Hercushield by In-Line Plastics

Hercushield 2400 woven coated material is made from low or high density polyethylene tapes with a coating on both sides that containd UV stabilizers. This material is lightweight and has excellent puncture resistance, tensile and tear strength.

Hercushield 2400 is used to separate, protect and contain solids and liquids. Typical applications include: irrigaton and canal liners, mositure barriers and covers for athletic fields, golf course and decorative ponds soila remediation, interim landfill caps, frac and oil pit containment, paved and unpaved roadways, sub-grade protection, as well as barriers, blankets and curtains.

HDPE/LLDPE by In-Line Plastics

In-Line Plastics' Herculine is a reliable, smooth polyethylene liner used for hazardous as well as non-hazardous containment purposes. Designed specifically to fulfill any confinement needs, Herculine has been well-proven through numerous industrial, municipal, agricultural, and decorative applications.

Notable Attributes: High density polyethylene (HDPE) Herculine is noted for its excellent stiffness and strength in face of any containment application. Please click on the link below for further material speciftcations.
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