Point Loma, CA Submarine Base

Contractor: NOVA Underground JV California
Products Supplied: Mirafi RS580i Being Utilized For Subgrade Improvement at the Point Loma, Ca Submarine Naval Base August 2010
China Loop

China Grade Loop Landslide Repair/Slope Reinforcement, Kern County, CA

Contractor: Granite Construction
Products Supplied: EnkaGrid Pro 60 and Pro 40 Geogrid, EnkaMat 7010 Erosion Control Mat
China Loop

Laguna Niguel, CA Slope Reconstruction/Reinforcement

Contractor: KAS Construction of Ontario, CA
Products Supplied: MiraGrid 3XT Geogrid
China Loop

Lakeside Promenade Repair and Revegetation, Mission Viejo, CA

Contractor: Brongo Construction
Products Supplied: Geo-Jute® Jute Erosion Control Netting
China Loop

Paso Robles Municipal Airport Resurfacing, Paso Robles, CA

Contractor: R. Burke Corporation
Products Supplied: MiraTak-24 Pavement Crack Repair System
China Loop

Owens Valley Dust Mitigation Project, Keeler, CA

Contractor: Barnard Construction
Products Supplied: Mirafi HP370 High Strength Woven Subgrade Fabric, Mirafi 180N Non-Woven Geotextile, Mirafi MiraTak-12 Pavement Crack Repair System, Mirafi 100X Siltfence, 40 mil HDPE Geomembrane
China Loop

Various Street Improvements, Anaheim, CA

Contractor: R. J. Noble Construction
Products Supplied: MiraPave
China Loop